Southern Business Mentoring Program

Joanna Arhontis

Joanna Arhontis – Retail

Joanna is the owner of the New Retail Revolution an organisation built to fill the growing need for personal and professional support for the individual retail business owner in their often difficult and complex path to profit and sustainability.

As a pillar in the retail community, her vast experience of dealing with Landlords, Leasing Agents, Banks, the ATO, Government Authorities, Local Government, Telco and Utility Companies became well known and Joanna observed a substantial rise in the number of business owners calling on her for support and advice.

How can Joanna help you?

Are you needing the answers to some of the following ? Or do you need help to pivot in your business through this pandemic. Joanna can assist with a range of retail specific support:

  • I am having trouble negotiating fair lease conditions
  • Can someone help me with transition and transformation planning?
  • How can I find and fix my unjustifiable outgoings?
  • I am struggling with cash flow management and finding it difficult to pay my bills.
  • I need some new retail specific marketing strategies.