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Joanna Arhontis

Joanna Arhontis – Retail

Joanna Arhontis is a Retail Specialist, Business Entrepreneur, Thought Leader and Solution Finder with 19 years’ experience running her own business. Joanna’s business transformed from a bricks and mortar online e-commerce store to a known brand that helps and supports other business owners to transform and grow their enterprises. She has worked in many diverse industries, both product and service based, using her theory ‘Retail is the best training ground to understand the many intricacies of business including marketing, sales, operational expenses and profitability’.

Joanna is the owner of The New Retail Revolution an organisation built to fill the growing need for personal and professional support for individual retail and business owners in their often difficult and complex path to profit and sustainability.

How can Joanna help you?

Do you need help with any of the following in your business? 

  • Implementing an effective sales, marketing, and customer communication strategy into your business. 
  • Deciding and creating your sales funnels and how you can improve them. 
  • Creating and implementing a digital solution for your business. 
  • Your cash flow management. Are you finding it difficult to meet your expenses? 
  • Finding and fixing unjustifiable outgoings in your business. 
  • Negotiating current or new fair lease conditions. 
  • Inspiring and growing an invested and ambitious team. 
  • Transitioning and transformation planning. What does the future of your business look like? Will it fund your retirement? 
  • You need someone to keep you accountable and on track.

    Book Your Free Appointment

    Businesses in the cities of Holdfast Bay, Marion and Onkaparinga are eligible for a free advisory session. The first one hour advisory session with Joanna Arhontis is free.

    Book Your 2nd Appointment

    The extension program allows for up to 3 additional sessions with Joanna at a cost of $25 per session