General Business, Grants & Tenders

Amanda Wood – General Business, Grants & Tenders

Amanda is the Director of private consulting firm ‘AMW Business Growth’ and can advise across most industries and business topics. She typically helps businesses to discover and leverage strategic ideas/opportunities, whilst also assisting with very ‘practical’ business advice.

How can Amanda help you?

​You can book with Amanda via either or both of two streams (maximum one session in each):

General Business – For discussion of your overall business aims, plans, strategies and so on. This can include matters associated with establishing a new business or growing an existing one.

Grants and Tendering – For discussion/tips on lodging applications for grants, or preparing tender submissions (including where to look for possible opportunities).

Amanda brings real-life experience as a CEO, director, grants panellist, participant on many business related boards and leader of state and national business advisory teams. She understands first hand, the many challenges and opportunities in owning and successfully growing a business. She is also active (part-time) in her family manufacturing services related business.

Some of the areas in which Amanda may be helpful to you include:

  • General Business, Business Analysis and Business Health Checks
  • Strategic Planning, Business Plans, Action Plans, One-Page planning
  • Grant / Award applications or Tender submissions
  • Business Growth strategies (including new businesses)
  • Strategic brainstorming using the Business Model Canvas
  • Being a friendly ear, or sounding board, for your ideas or business challenges
  • Diagnosing strengths or weaknesses in your business strategy/ies, and defining possible paths forward
  • Linking you to a variety of resources to help in your next steps

Book Your Free Appointment

Businesses in the cities of Holdfast Bay, Marion and Onkaparinga are eligible for a free advisory session. The first one hour advisory session with Amanda Wood is free.

Book Your 2nd Appointment

The extension program allows for up to 3 additional sessions with Amanda at a cost of $25 per session.