HR, WHS and Workforce Planning

Evelyn Pollard

Evelyn Pollard – HR, WHS and Workforce Planning

Evelyn Pollard has extensive experience in human resource management, work health safety, injury management, customer service, change management and continuous improvement. Evelyn provides businesses with access to virtual HR and WHS advisory services.

How can Evelyn help you?

Drawing upon extensive experience in Human Resource management Evelyn works closely with businesses to navigate the complex legislative environment that surrounds looking after their people.

Human Resource Management

  • Managing employees, contracts of employment and strategies for attracting/retaining staff
  • Changing or scaling down operations
  • Support in managing a performance and/or conduct matters

Work Health and Safety (WHS)

  • Employee wellbeing – monitoring the wellbeing of your workforce
  • Understanding workplace risks and obligations
  • Working from home options from a WHS obligation perspective

Workforce Planning

  • Contingency planning
  • Establishing a workforce recovery strategy/plan – addressing areas such as what type and when positions are required, what skills are needed while ensuring minimal disruptions