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Bridget Hogg & Team

Bridget Hogg & Team – Mental Health and Wellbeing

Bridget’s passion is helping organisations effectively manage stress, change, mental health and wellbeing. She has worked with many organisations to help them “find a way or make one” through organisational change, times of uncertainty, downsizing and redundancy. She has managed transition programs with a psychological wellbeing focus for over fifteen years. Bridget has developed tools and techniques to enhance wellbeing. She assists organisations to identify and address mental health issues and enhance the workplace and workforce wellbeing. As a small business owner for 18 years and manager of a team of 14, she understands the stresses of small business.

Bridget’s team consists of:

Stewart Glass – Counsellor

Ruth Morgan – NLC Coach and NLP Practitioner

Vasso Fessas – NLP Master Practitioner

Penny Tonkin – NLP Master Practitioner

How can Bridget help you?

Strengthen and support the mindset of yourself, your team or your whole organisation with Bridget Hogg and her Development at Work Team. 

Access mental health and wellbeing support, including:


  • Proactively strengthen organisational wellbeing
  • Learn to identify the signs of mental health issues and how to address them
  • Effectively support your team with stress management techniques
  • Support the mental wellbeing and mental health of leaders and employees in remote work environments

Key outcomes include learning tools and techniques that will support the wellbeing and wellness of your team and gain direction on how best to achieve optimal performance for individuals and team.

Individual support:

  • Maximise your potential as a professional and learn tools and processes that can take you and your business to the next level
  • Reduce stress and increase clarity of mind
    Enhance your focus, productivity, and decision-making capability
  • Replace thoughts and habits which are keeping you stuck and unlock your success strategies
  • Remove blockages and limiting beliefs that are holding you back and discover techniques to eliminate anxiety
  • Optimise your resource – energy. Look at what gives you energy, what drains your energy and assess how you manage your day so you have energy left in the tank
  • Understand and overcome emotional overwhelm and thoughts that are blocking you from moving forward

Key outcomes include clarity, confidence and a clear action plan and way forward in your business.